New scientific educational thought "Innovation .... that's it!

15.08.2013 Blog

New scientific educational thought "Innovation .... that's it!" is the idea came from Dusica Birovljevic Master of Law, who, for years,  along with her father, writing a professional legal books, that are different laws comments with examples and explanations of practice. From her own experience, she knows how difficult is to publish anywhere scientific work, without much monetary compensation so, she decided to take action, to motivate young people to write a new innovative ideas and also it represent the research which mean to provide a relevant information how young people in Serbia have the motivation to write scientific papers and whether they need additional training in field of writing papers to later released their scientific papers. The idea of publishing the Proceedings supported by, her center, Nomotechnical Center Belgrade, and friend organization C:E:T Platform, started from 29.arpil 2013 and it will be open until 29.may 2013. New scientific educational thought, "Innovation .... that's it! ", is a collection of papers of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students of accredited Universities in the Republic of Serbia and neighboring countries as well as those who have completed college, and also research whether the employed or not, whit a low monetary compensation. The aim of the competition is to bring together research papers represent innovation in science and represent a new scientific educational thought, we seek creative theme, the only requirement is to have links with the Republic of Serbian social progress going from one of the following areas: the humanities and social sciences (economics, law, political science, philosophy, marketing) or culture.
Print proceedings with ISBN number and COBISS is planned for July 2013 as well as the promotion and reward the best works.